Discover how your business can double its sales with video



In a competitive online world where everyone has a website, it's never been this difficult to stand out from the crowd and build real interest and excitment about your products.


But there is a solution...adding video to your website and social media channels makes people interested and engaged many times more than simple text and images.


Studies show that websites with video make users stay longer, and Google ranks sites higher if you have video- increasing your chances of getting onto page one.


But putting together a video is difficult if you don't have the equipment or the expertise...and a poorly-made video can turn potential customers away in droves.

There is a solution


Pulse Media Productions provides the expertise and equipment you need...but at a fraction of the price of traditional media providers.


Discover what you need to do to get video in your business now...without all the hastles


We're offering a free 1-on-1 video discovery session to all business owners. In this 30-45 minute session, you'll sit down with a media professional from Pulse Media Productions.


In this discovery session you'll learn:


  • Where your business can benefit from video
  • How to engage clients with your video
  • Tips and tricks to get people to share your video on social media- free advertising and exposure for your business
  • The three things you need to do to make sure people watch right until the end
  • How to make a video without any time or effort required on your part.
  • The costly mistakes to avoid when making a video for your business.

There is no cost for this service...and it's obligation free


Why do we offer this service?


Firstly- we enjoy it. Our video specialists have years of experience and are passionate about bringing businesses to life and creating engagement through video.


Secondly, it's how we attract clients. You see, at the end of the session, you'll either have a plan for getting exposure and interest in your business that you can go away and implement yourself. Or, you'll be really excited about adding video to your business now that you'll hire us to execute your plan so your business can start to reap the rewards ASAP.


Either is fine- but at the end you'll have a solid idea for growing your business. What have you got to lose?


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Register for a FREE 1-on-1 video discovery session with a media specialist to discover how video in your business can grow your sales and exposure.