Making a video available to prospective customers before they buy can double your sales.

Discover how

Discover how easy it is to add video to your business



Creating a video to showcase your business has always been a costly and time-consuming process- and difficult for people without expert knowledge to understand.


At least until now.


Pulse Media Productions provides you with everything you need- expertise, equipment and talent, all at a fraction of the usual price, and you won't have to lift a finger.



Web videos

If your customers are getting tired of reading, let them watch and listen to your business instead. You'll be surprised at how engaged they are when it comes to buying. Learn more>>

Event/conference filming or podcasting

Need your conference or event filmed? Leave it to us...and have a professional finish on your video or podcast. Learn more>>

Outside broadcasts with radio

Want everyone in the district, and even overseas to be able to listen your event live? Nothing will give your business or event exposure in real time like this... Learn more>>

Studio hire

We have audio and film studios available for your's easy to get great results with professional lighting and extras like green screens. Learn more>>

Pulse TV

A lifestyle/magazine program highlighting and featuring the Greater Geelong region and its many hidden gems. Learn more>>


Real Estate

Business Showcase

Real Estate

Live Concerts

Music Clips


Pulse TV

Artist Interview

Business Showcase



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